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                                   Trans kwazulu trip

     Trip description

      12 Days of kayaking on some of the best rivers in the provinces of Kwazulu Natal and the Eastern Cape. The majestic Drakensberg mountains will be the back drop fop the entirety of this trip. Amazing scenery, friendly locals and kayaking all combined with a cultural experience that will leave you wanting more. We dont just want to share our beautiful rivers with you but our rich culture too..


We will be paddling about 6/7 rivers all varying in character from low to high volume.

Umzimkulu river:

       This is a South African classic with many different sections.

       Upper section: Thrombosis gorge, class 3-4 (14km)

Low volume creeking which affer you the chance to run a 8m waterfall.

Middle section: Waterfall section, class 3-4 (5km)

A short section but it offer you a chance to work on your waterfall running skills and every waterfall has a big pool for recovery at the bottom.

       Lower Section: Oribi Gorge, class 3-4 (21km)

       Depending on levels this is normally a high volume run.

       Mtanvuna river: class 3-4 (40km) Overnighter.

       One of the most spectacular gorges in South Africa, its like paddling through a Jurassic world. Pure untouched nature with amazing scenary.

       Pholela river: class 3-4 (10km)

       Super fun low volume river with small waterfalls and awesome slides.

      Umkomaas river: class 3-4 (30km) Overnighter.

       Another classic big boulder garden run.

       Pot river: class 3-4 (14km)

       How much fun can you have in 1 run, this river is a personal favourite.

       Tsitsa river: class3-4 (5km)

       This river has many paddling sections, each different in character. We will be paddling The Falls backpackers section.

       Inxu river: class 3-5 (20km)

       This is one of the funnest runs in the Trankei offers many different rapids and boasts two big waterfalls varying from 15m to 12 m. a definate hi lite for the trip.

        Hawerspruit: class 3-4 (2km)

        This section runs in a horse shoe so multiple runs can be done, it has 5 drops varying from 1m up to 8 m.What makes this section pretty spectacular is in order to get there you drive the highest pass in South Africa 3000m high up in the Drakenberg.

     Experience required:

      The trips paddling will be on class 4 white water, participants will be expected to paddles 4-6 hrs a day in class 4 whitewater. Generally access to the put-in is easy but once in the gorges the road access is a hike away, there will be exposed terrain if neccecary portage is to be done. The trip begins on easier sections of whitewater but will soon reflect conditions expected at the grade. Paddlers should therefore expect to be in a river enviroment during peak run-off for sometimes extende period of time.      

      Trip costs:

       1350.00 Euros

       1450.00 US Dollars

      What does the price include.

  • Creek boat rented from local manufacturer(Fluid Kayaks)

  • Guiding and instruction
  • Accomodation (Camping when location allows bedded)
  • Meals (We provide lunch and dinner)
  • Local transport, shuttles to and from river. Pick up&drop off to King Shaka international airport    

       What does the price not include.

  •  Visa fees

  • Flight costs

  • Bar bill

  • travel&boat insurance

  • tips

     What you need to bring.

  • Good dry or semi dry top

  • Paddle

  • Whitewater PFD, spraydeck and a good helmet

  • Solid footwear for bank support

  • Rescue gear including a throwbag, knife, slings and karabiners

  • Sleeping bag

  • Thermal rest

  • Float bags


Trip itinerary                                         

  • Day 1. pick up at King Shaka international airport Durban, drive 2 hours south to the coastal town of Port Edward.

  • Day 2. Outfit boats, meet the team, indepth intruduction about your days ahead and go for a run down the high volume Umzimkulu river, Oribi section.

  • Day 3&4. Paddle the Umtanvuna river, depart for Underberg.

  • Day 5. Paddle Umzimkulu river, Thrombosis section.

  • Day 6. Paddle the Pholela river if waterlevels permit/Unicorn falls or another run down Thrombosis section.

  • Day 7&8. Paddle Umkomaas river/overnighter and top it off with a run down waterfall section, Umzimkulu river.

  • Day 9. Drive to the Transkei.

  • Day 10. Paddle the Pot river.

  • Day 11. Paddle Inxu river, big waterfalls day.

  • Day 12. Paddle Tsitsa river.

  • Day 13. Drive back to Port Edward, paddle Umzimkulu river.

  • Day 14. Depart/ Drop off King Shaka international airport.


        For more info concerning our trips contact us: kayaksouthafrica1@gmail.com


                              Click pic below for some Transkei hucking..! courtesy of Johan Swart









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From Port Shepstone:
Drive N2 direction Kokstad, turn right at Oribi Flats East, drive till you see almost at the top of the Oribi Gorge Plateau our sign turning right.


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